menu-pic-dessert-minisBeing alone is a weird concept when joined along with food.

Because as long as we can remember, all of our brilliant food moments come from the company. The cheesecake doesn’t taste as good if you don’t have somebody to gush over  it with.The biryaani loses a touch of it’s spice if there’s no one at the table with you.

But today we have a culture which necessitates the solitary. It may be a choice,but for most of us, it’s not. Whatever the case may be,more and more of us are having most, if not all,our meals alone.

Does that mean we lose  out on the moments?

Maybe.But not always.

People are important in the role food plays in our cultural mindset.But in small miniscule ways, being alone frees us from cultural and social expections, allowing us to immerse ourselves in that one bite.

We discover that maybe we don’t really love seekh kebabs,but they’re the crowd favourite in the family. Shammi kebabs may be where your heart truly lies.We discover the joy of eating without a care for the crumbs.We discover the magical power of ordering that weirdly named dish everyone else would always push you away from.We discover gross combinations which somehow taste just right to our pallets. We discover a tiny bit of rebellion.

And the crown jewel: Ever eat a chocolate cake in the nude? Enough said.


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