Books and Minimalism(and Adventure)

I’ve been reading a lot about minimalism these days. And I must say,I love the idea.2292beb87089a4cd70c17c0991f72e74

The letting go and living with the basics appeals to me.Also the fact that,most of my literary heroes didn’t bother about their material possessions.They were all about experiencing the moment and braving on.Most importantly, they weren’t concerned abouth whether they could stuff their favourite bedtime novel into their wartime backpack.
And that’s what defeats my even considering minimalism. I have in the past (and will again)
ruthlessly thrown out and minimalised clothes,knick knacks,notebooks,old shoes, electricals and gifted stuff.But books defeat me.And I’m not being a snob and only referring to my novels.I’m including my study books in this.I might hate Robbins pathology textbook from the core of my heart, but it does it’s job of clearing my concepts pretty nicely and I couldn’t let go.Same for any other medical textbook.They’re just too close to me because of endless sleepless nights cramming before exams.And of course, some course books you just love, even if they’re beyond useless to you as a student.I’m looking at you Greys’ anatomy.
And these are just the textbooks.What about my dear dear novels? There are some books I never re read, but I want them right there on my bookshelf! There is such a thing as a reading emergency.
But here’s the thing about minimalism.Even though the thought of letting go of five of my novels and 3 second year MBBS study guides was scary for me,the  feeling I got after was pretty nice and light.A little more free.
I guess I’m a micro step closer to becoming the lady knight of my childhood stories, ready to embark on an adventure at any second.
Hope I meet you on an adventure of your own.

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