Details make up everything. The icing on the cake brings it to life,a cup of hot chocolate that’s just the exact degree of warm,the spice that’s exactly at that glorious border between mouth burning and stimulating.

Details bring the beauty into focus, but they themselves merge together and go unnoticed. 

A mark of a good painting is that you don’t notice the strokes.A good writer obsesses over adjectives and synonyms. And those details are never noticed because such is their nature.

We have become people who appreciate the flashy, the in-your-face,the can’t ignores.What place do we have now for the simple beauty of details?  Or indeed what place do we have for the people who put in the deatils? Quietly, silently, put them together to bring forth beauty.

Because we are losing those people. Depth and details, in both people and cultures is  getting harder to find.It’s there,but because we are not appreciating the little things,the little things are slipping away.

And in the  end life is about the fine,the tiny litle details,that amaze you.It’s about the surprising depth in the people around you.It’s about the beauty in the veins of the leaves.

It’s all the little things. It’s all the details.


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