Unreasonable minds


Sometimes your brain decides things without telling you. It will tell you that you’re angry when you’ve had a day with no confrontations.It will tell you that you’re sad when you’ve just finished eating a chocolate pastry. It does these things.

Of course when it’s in a good way no one minds.Being euphoric is one of the best feelings ever. But how do you deal when it’s bad?

When you have a reason you can do something with that emotion.You can handle the problem,you can scream at someone, cry it off, accept it, ignore it.Hell,you could do a million different combinations. But that’s if you have a culprit.

What if all you have is a feeling in the centre of your heart telling you that you’re sad? When logically,rationally, what have you got to be sad about?

So you can add the guilt to the unreasonable emotions you’re  feeling.

And then you wait for sleep and hope tomorrow’s going to be ok.




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