Poetry and The art of list making



Poetry, or any written art, is at it’s core a bundle of lists.

A list of words that come together beautifully synchronised to present a single core idea.Which is much like one uses lists in day to day life.A list of tasks which synchronise to give us the best day forward.

But poetry, more than any other written art shows this nature.It maybe due to the visual structure of poetry which other mediums such as the novel, short story or the essay lack.A huge component of a poems beauty lies in its visual appeal as a structured argument for an idea.Which is essentially a list.


As I poet, I relate to this even more because that is how I form poems in my head.It goes 1,2, 3 and so on.Organised,meticulous and list like.

To each their own and others might have different ways of writing poetry.But this was my two cents on the topic.



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